4 Fugging Benefits of Not Attending FinCon ’14

FinCon Held in New Orleans -2014

FinCon Held in New Orleans -2014

As a somewhat new blogger, I am still trying to make my mark in the financial blogging world. I see improvements in not only my writing skills that I haven’t used since college, but also my own finances just from learning from others bloggers and podcasts. By becoming a regular reader of many blogs one of the most common items of discussions in the recent past was the annual Financial Bloggers Conference or FinCon which was held in September.

FinCon14 a peer conference for the financial media community which includes bloggers, podcasters, and anyone else within the financial service community. Here you network, educate, and discover new trends in money and personal finance.

Not going to the conference was a bummer because I missed out on tons of information, missed out on the networking aspect, and the added motivation I would have received by talking to the many successful people who attended. Not all is lost though by not going as I am an optimistic dude who tries to find the positives when I can. Continue reading 4 Fugging Benefits of Not Attending FinCon ’14

Financial Podcasts I’m Listening To

Podcasts I Listen To

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily”

-Zig Ziglar

Like the late great Mr. Ziglar stated, motivation is something you have to feed yourself almost daily. As humans we usually allow life’s events to dictate how we are feeling. The best way to combat the BS life throws at you depends on you. Any bad news or a negative event can send even the best of us into a state of misery. To offset the pessimistic feelings you have to rely on constant motivation. Negativity can smell just as bad as your body if you don’t bathe!

Podcasts as Motivation?

I’m not exempt from the deflation bug that can bite you at any given moment. It happens for sure but what motivates me comes from all of the podcasts and fellow bloggers. I’m not a huge reader of books but I do visit a Barnes & Nobles bookstore every so often to read and relax. Whether it’s on the way to work in the a.m or when I going to bed at night,I feed my brain with podcasts and blogs that geared towards the goals I am in the process of achieving.

Podcasts I listen to often:

Rich Dad Radio Show w/ Robert Kiyosaki (Author of  the bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Good Financial Cents Podcast w/ Jeff Rose

Create My Independance w/ Kraig Mathias

Listen Money Matters w/ Matt and Andrew

YoPro Wealth Podcasts w/ Austin Netzley

The Smart Passive Income w/ Pat Flynn

Stacking Benjamins w/ Joe Saul Sehy

Freakonomics Radio (They talk about random s#@% but interesting nonetheless)

MoneyPlan SOS w/ Steve Stewart

Top 5 Percent Income w Dean Patino

Thank you guys for being just regular people who decided enough is enough and made great decisions in your life financially (in Freakonomics case, just being freaks!). By doing so you are able to create your podcasts so people like me can use your material as motivation. You guys make my drive into work a lot better that’s for sure. Keep it up.

What Other Podcasts Would You Recommend?



Moneymoon- The Honeymoon of Consumerism

iPhone 6 New York

Line at an Apple Store for the iPhone 6-New York

First off I have to give credit to Keith over at DivHut.com for the inspiration to write this post. If you are into dividend growth investing as a vehicle for financial freedom, please check out his site. I normally stop by to learn more about dividend investing strategies and he does a phenomenal job. Learn about his journey here and thanks again Keith for the inspiration!

Keith recently wrote a comment on my article Keeping Up With Warren Buffett and this is what he said about buying pointless things.

With regard to material possessions are you describing a “moneymoon” phase. It’s the feeling you get right after you purchase that new car, luxury home or fancy clothes. The honeymoon period after you spent on some material item. Eventually it all wears off and you left feeling empty and wishing for the next new shiny trinket. Better spend your money on memories and experiences such as travel or time with family and friends. Thanks for sharing this article.



I love the term “Moneymoon” because not only is it a badass word Continue reading Moneymoon- The Honeymoon of Consumerism

7 Fugging Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Lower Your Grocery Bill

You Can Lower Your Grocery Bill Today


So I helped you save money on your cellphone service. Maybe you’ve sold your car like I have already and have no more car payments because car loans kick your financial ass. Now it’s once again time to take a look at your grocery bill to see if you can save money. Just when you think you can’t lower your grocery bill, BAM… another idea pops up. Matter of fact, I have 7 ways you can lower that grocery bill the next time you hit the supermarket. A few smart changes can go a long way into lower food costs. Continue reading 7 Fugging Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

5 Critical Ways Having Debt Impacts Your Fugging Life

Impacts of Having Debt-Courtesy of Thefrugalfeminista.com

One Impact of Having Debt

Let’s face facts… having debt is a problem that can grow like a disease if you let it. According to statistics published by the Federal Reserve, Americans have about $856 billion in outstanding credit card debt. That works out to around $7,000 per household! Yikes!

Sad part about those statistics are that’s only credit card debt. We’re not even counting student loan debt, car loan debt, and mortgages. Numbers like these are staggering to say the least. Just knowing at least $7,000 of my hard-earned money will go to the lender would fugging piss me off!

I’m sure you are fugging pissed too but have you actually thought about other ways having debt impacts you? Here’s 5 you may not have thought of.






Continue reading 5 Critical Ways Having Debt Impacts Your Fugging Life