Eliminate Fugging Debt One Dollar at a Time

Treat Your Personal Debt the Same Way Muhammad Ali Treated Boxing

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) is considered by many people (including myself) the greatest boxer of all time and the first to capture the heavyweight title 3 times. The Olympic gold medalist appeared on Sports Illustrated 38 times, second only to basketball legend Michael Jordan. His smarts and quickness in the ring was one of a kind.

While Ali was one of the most celebrated athletes ever, he was also one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports. The most controversial moment was during the Vietnam War, Ali refused to serve. That caused him to lose his boxing license for three years. Being the great boxer that he is, he eventually came back and regained his title and status as the greatest boxer later on.

Many people had their opinions about Ali as a public figure but one thing was certain, he treated boxing very seriously. No one could question his work ethic no matter what was going on.

Treating your debt with the same seriousness as Ali treated boxing will make you just as successful in your own right. Read on to see what I mean.

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Getting Rid of Debt and Losing Weight Are A lot Alike

Courtesy of besthealthsecret.com

We hear over and over how so easy it is to lose weight from the fitness and weight loss industry. With all the marketing and the pills out there to shortcut the process adds pressure on people. It almost creates a no excuse environment. However, ask anyone who had to lose a large amount of weight will tell you otherwise. It takes a ton of hard work, dedication and focus despite all the pressure that society places on you.

Like losing weight, you can say the same when it comes to getting out of Fugging debt. It’s easy to get in debt but it’s a process to get out of debt. I never had a problem with weight loss but I see similar traits with the two. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

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Getting Rid of Debt is Too Hard for Americans

No Matter Our Race We All Have the Same Problem Debt

Even though someone from another country may read this, I need to speak to my fellow Americans for a moment. I wish I could have written a better title for this post such as Getting Rid of Debt is Easy for Americans but it would be a lie. Instead Getting Rid of Debt is Too Hard for Americans is the perfect title. We as Americans have a problem and hopefully some ‘eye opening” statistics will make people take action and turn things around. Just take a look at the below numbers!

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Importance of Passive Income

Passive income is as important as the water in this river.

Passive income is as important as the water in this river.

Good day all! I have some serious fugging questions you need to ask yourself…

Do you know the importance of passive income?

If you were making an extra $500 in passive income a month, how would that impact your life? Would you buy that car you always wanted knowing that money will pay your car note each month? Would you be less stressed when it’s time to pay your bills? What difference would it make in your life today?

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Tom Corley’s Rich Habits- 20 Habits You Need to Follow

Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits

Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits

Just a quick list showing what the rich do differently than the poor based on Tom Corley’s book Rich Habits The Daily Habits of Successful Individuals. Take a look at the list and see how many you are already doing and look at the one’s you need to work on.

Rich Habits

  1. 70% of wealthy eat less than 300 junk food calories per day. 97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories per day. 23% of wealthy gamble. 52% of poor people gamble.

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