Keeping Up With Warren Buffett

I want to hang with Warren Buffett and these guys.

Warren Buffett chillaxing with his peeps.

I need to get something off my chest… I need to live like Warren Buffett!

One day I woke up and just stopped giving a s%$#! No more keeping up appearances for me and buying crap I don’t need! I came to the realization that buying material things was hazardous to my financial health.

We all have tried futile attempts of “Keeping up with the Joneses,” but there’s always something else to buy that’s shinier, flashier, and costs more money than the “older” model of whatever. It makes no sense especially when your current stuff works just fine.

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14 Quick Ways to Increase Income to Pay Off Debt Faster


How can I pay off debt faster?

In order to pay off debt quickly, you need to find ways to cut expenses such as turning off cable/satellite tv, saving money on your cell phone, and shopping smarter on groceries. With that said, there is only so much you can cut from your expenses. The one strategy with the most upside is to increase your cash flow. There are so many ways you can increase your cashflow and I have created a list. Some you may have seen before but others are pretty unique.

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My Fugging Debt #6

Google Images

Google Images

Wow I am making good progress. I could have made even more of a dent in my debt if I wasn’t going out so much last month. A lot was going on in my social life from my friend’s bachelor party in Vegas, the actual wedding, and other friends’ birthdays. I am still proud of my progress and it is just motivating me even more to cross off my credit card debt. I fugging hate the credit card debt because it is tied to my old car.


Credit Card= $3,146-$2,096 = $1050

Student Loan A= $10,991-$10,866 = $125

Student Loan B= $10,030-$9870 = $160

$1335 (decrease in debt!)

Seems like a good month despite all the stuff that was going on. I had a ton of fun while still decreasing debt and increasing my net worth. My birthday is in June so all those friends I partied with will have the chance to pay me back with gifts and free drinks! I guess that’s more money to use towards my credit card debt. Oh darn (sarcastic tone)!

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My Fugging Debt #5

Slowly Erasing DebtI made a nice dent in my debt total during the month of April. I’m also scaling back on my 401k contributions up to the company match in order to add more to my debt payments. As I see my debt decrease while my assets (home, dividend investing, 401k) increase in value, it becomes more exciting.

I love watching my net worth rise month after month. I just hate my fugging debt so much because I need to get rid of it to really increase passive income streams and my overall net

Credit Card= $8290-$3146 = $5144

Student Loan A= $11,094-$10,991 = $103 

Student Loan B= $10,193-$10,030 = $163

$5410 (decrease in debt!)

That brings my Total Fugging Debt total from $29577 to $24167. I’m chipping away but need to speed up the process. Other streams of income is a priority. Maybe a second job or more overtime at my current job will help.

Also now saving at ton of money on my phone bill will be beneficial so I can use the difference on debt which is nice. Overall a good month indeed.

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