7 Fugging Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Lower Your Grocery Bill

You Can Lower Your Grocery Bill Today


So I helped you save money on your cellphone service. Maybe you’ve sold your car like I have already and have no more car payments because car loans kick your financial ass. Now it’s once again time to take a look at your grocery bill to see if you can save money. Just when you think you can’t lower your grocery bill, BAM… another idea pops up. Matter of fact, I have 7 ways you can lower that grocery bill the next time you hit the supermarket. A few smart changes can go a long way into lower food costs. Continue reading 7 Fugging Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

5 Critical Ways Having Debt Impacts Your Fugging Life

Impacts of Having Debt-Courtesy of Thefrugalfeminista.com

One Impact of Having Debt

Let’s face facts… having debt is a problem that can grow like a disease if you let it. According to statistics published by the Federal Reserve indicate Americans have about $856 billion in outstanding credit card debt. That works out to around $7,000 per household! Yikes!

Sad part about those statistics are that’s only credit card debt. We’re not even counting student loan debt, car loan debt, and mortgages. Numbers like these are staggering to say the least. Just knowing at least $7,000 of my hard-earned money will go to the lender would fugging piss me off!

I’m sure you are fugging pissed too but have you actually thought about other ways having debt impacts you? Here’s 5 you may not have thought of. Continue reading 5 Critical Ways Having Debt Impacts Your Fugging Life

6 Stupid Reasons I Was in Debt

  We’ve all been like Stanley Johnson in this commercial courtesy of Lending Tree and who know people like him. We ask ourselves after all the bills are paid out of our latest paycheck and say, “where has my money gone?” I’m pretty sure I can answer that question because I used to ask that same thing myself.

It was the fugging debt that was draining my cash!!

As I reduce my debt, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I realized some things about myself that was keeping me in debt. If you were like me swimming in a pool of debt here’s why you are in debt also. Continue reading 6 Stupid Reasons I Was in Debt

Keeping Up With Warren Buffett

I want to hang with Warren Buffett and these guys.

Warren Buffett chillaxing with his peeps.

I need to get something off my chest… I need to live like Warren Buffett!

One day I woke up and just stopped giving a s%$#! No more keeping up appearances for me and buying crap I don’t need! I came to the realization that buying material things was hazardous to my financial health.

We all have tried futile attempts of “Keeping up with the Joneses,” but there’s always something else to buy that’s shinier, flashier, and costs more money than the “older” model of whatever. It makes no sense especially when your current stuff works just fine.

Continue reading Keeping Up With Warren Buffett

14 Quick Ways to Increase Income to Pay Off Debt Faster


How can I pay off debt faster?

In order to pay off debt quickly, you need to find ways to cut expenses such as turning off cable/satellite tv, saving money on your cell phone, and shopping smarter on groceries. With that said, there is only so much you can cut from your expenses. The one strategy with the most upside is to increase your cash flow. There are so many ways you can increase your cashflow and I have created a list. Some you may have seen before but others are pretty unique.




Continue reading 14 Quick Ways to Increase Income to Pay Off Debt Faster